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   Tionah H. Paul was born in Tennessee, US and raised most of her life in the deep south of Louisiana, US. She is known to many as a wise friend, a counselor, and a light bearer. Tionah is passionate about seeing all women brought to salvation, growing in faith, and walking in their God-given purpose. 

   In 2013 she graduated with a Bachelors of Biology from Xavier University of Louisiana with aspirations of one day healing hearts through medicine.  It was not until Tionah experienced heartbreak and loss that she realized how desperately she needed Christ as not only her Savior, but as Lord of her life. It is in her pain that her purpose was birthed and she began her journey of healing and pursuing God's plans for her life over her own.  

    Today Tionah still desires to heal hearts, but now with a more powerful source. She dreams of a world that is healed, whole, and truly knows God as their Father.

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